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Spectar: "Deal. How ever, in order for me to keep thing under rap from everyone, just incase it'll unraval our plans, Heres the deal, I have already sent a soul into a body that we had modified like yours. You both have skills enabling you two to have a great deal of strength, and some rather demonic traits. You'll notice those as soon as you re-enter the psyical realms... After then you create some chaos to test your abilities, then I'll say what comes next..."

Deac, it just means you have quite a but of power, and some rather demonic weaponry (imagine a few ^_~) just bear with me, cus I'm not 100% able to have it all going.
Admiral: "Scar: Be careful you are tredding a fine line. The only thing Irvine (either one)would know would be that the Aesir are powerful." To think that being fused with someone, some knowledge wouldn't pass through either one of them... And for the record it would have been the Elder who knew more ^_~


Kur: 'Chains bound me at the wrists... too bad they are only standard issue...'

*Kur uses his mind to pick the locks. After his bindings were off, he rubed his wrists...*

Kur: 'If only Flax knew where and who trained me... Well, not trying to sound self aborbed or anything... But I am apart of a new special forces unit... Heh, most likey when Master Skywalker tells him about us. He'll appologise...' *softly* "That did sound self absorbed... a little..." *smirks, and continues to rub wrists.*
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