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Raschel: *to Orthos* ...Father? Syrnl? What happened?

Marin: *to Heimdall* Could be, unless it's just an energy field filling the room.

Guy: *takes a device from his belt* This scanner can sense and identify different energy signatures. Maybe it'll give us some idea as to how it's powered.

*The scanner hums for a moment*

Guy: That's strange. This scanner shows magic energy - and Force energy - all around us. That's something I've never seen before in this fact I wouldn't have thought it possible...

Aidan: Who cares? Does your scanner show you anything helpful?

Guy: Maybe. *motions to the strange machinery lining pieces of the wall of the room they stand in* The scanners show ley lines - magic power lines - leading to the several of those...devices. We may be able to disable the trap from those.

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