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OOC: *Trys to breath life back into a dying RP *


The Zabrak walks out of the cantina and down the street, smoking a cigarra. He stops at a corner a looks around checking the area. Seeming relieved he leans against a wall.

Lothas: Alright, its safe.

A grating pops open a bald, muscled male human climbs out. Lothas smokes his cigarra for a few moments then speaks.

Lothas: Did you bring the plans?

The human opens up that coat he is wearing, revealing rolled-up blue prints inside.

Human: That all depends, did you bring the money?

Lothas tosses the cigarra aside and reaches into his jacket. The humans hand immedeatly shoots for the blaster on his hip. But Lothas just pulls out a credit stick.

Lothas: Relax, I'm an honest guy. *He smirks*

They then exchange items and the human exits the same way he entered. After checking the street once again Lothas undoes the ties and looks at the plans: an advanced Sorosuub blaster rifle.

OOC: If this messes with what you are planning, then just tell me and ignore it. This was only a copy of the prints too, not the actual thing.

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