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Deriun Veshod

Name: Deriun Veshod
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Species: Devaronian
Profession: Merchant/Smuggler/Squad Leader
Background: Deriun left his homeworld, as most males of his race always did, at a rather young age, 17 to be exact. His intentions were pure, find work, make money and send it back to the wife he hated so. Her domineering ways had driven him away almost more than his wanderlust. He found that work paid little, not nearly enough to support his family back home, the wench spent twice as much as he could ever earn. He was forced into a life of crime. At this time he changed his name, something a little more pronounceable by the locals suited his purpose a little better. It started out as simple cons and pickpocketing. He had amassed a small fortune, sending home just enough to sate her thirst for material goods. Now the game has become more complex. The cons more diabolical, the smuggling of highly illegal goods. One of his two ships lost in a bad gamble on a pod race along with most of his finances, Deriun had only his Swoop and a beat up old patrol vessel that barely had any cargo room. Now he had to find his way all over again. He had the connections, but no longer the means.
Description: Standing a little over 5'11", and weighing a little less than 165 lbs., Deriun was not a very intimidating individual. He had an air of class, that matched the red designer suit that adorned his maroon flesh. A slight bulge under his left arm was a tell tale sign of the blaster beneath. In his right hand he held a black cane with a crystal sphere atop it in his gentle grip. His shifty eyes and devilish smile scan every detail. It's almost as if he is plotting against everyone at once, or maybe he's just assessing the crowd, seeking out his next mark.
Weapons: Heavy Blaster Pistol, Cane
Droids: None.
Vehicles: Swoop, Firespray patrol vessel.
Place of birth: Devaron

OOC: I know Devaronians will not be available in game, but I probably won't get to RP with you guys much then anyway, so I figured I'd play something fun until then.

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