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*At the the table are sat officers of varying ranks. Gen. Marsken of Renegade Wing, Capt. Tr'eth of the BAC Claw to name two.*

*Flax is sat at the head of the table, with Sophae to his left and Orthos to his right. To Orthos' left is an attractive young woman with dark hair and large brown eyes, Flax' daghter, Mirra.*

Mirra: Colonel Darkstar, you're head of the Wraiths, yes?

*A couple of places down the table Hal and Kal are laughing behind napkins at their sister.*

Hal: *quiet* Kal, I'll bet you 50 creds he dosen't tell her.

Kal: Dosen't matter, mun, or dad 'll drop him in it anyway. *chuckle.*

*Just then Flax' comlink beeps.*

Flax: Yes.

Security: Sir, the prisoner is free of his bonds.

Flax: Understood, I'll be their right away. *To guests.* You shall have to excuse me, their is a small matter which however requires my imidiate attention.

*Flax leaves, fuming*


*Detention block.*

Flax: Well, it would seem you are as stupid as you are arrogant, I think its about time you told me the whole story, don't you.

*As he says this Kur's hands are drawn up to the cieling and held there by energy bonds, his legs are pulled down to the floor.*

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