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OOC: I'll post my character's bio in the char. thread so you know some more about him.

Lothas walks briskly down the dark street often visually checking the nearby windows and alleys. He strides past the Hungry Hobo catching a few of the patrons eyes. He continues down the street until he comes to a large warehouse. Inside the sound of machinery can be heard. Walking up to the thick metal door Lothas pounds on it twice. A slit opens up and a pair of bright yellow eyes peer out.

From Behind the Door: Oh, its only you Boss.

Lothas: Yes, its only me now open the door, Rakk.

The door creaks open and and a massive manufacturing operation is revealed. A diminutive Twi'Lek, Rakk, steps into view.

Rakk: Did you get what you needed Mr. Akor?

Lothas: Yes, infact I did. Why don't you take these down to the production area for me.

Lothas takes the blue prints froms his jacket and hands them to Rakk.

Rakk: Yes sir Mr. Akor.

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