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Having given up trying to get the bartenders attention, Jared slides out of the booth and walks back to the bar to order another drink.

As he crosses the room, a human male, bald and well-muscled, walks into the bar. The newcomer appears somewhat drunk, and is in high spirits, singing to himself and grinning stupidly. With a slight slur, the male exclaims:

Bald Male:"Drinks for all, on Califf, the fastest cutpurse in the system!!!"

The reaction in the bar is immediate, and cheers go up from every corner. Jared collects his complimentary drink and returns to his booth. Califf eventually takes a booth behind Jared, and is soon joined by several new friends.

Califf:...... and I was minding my own business, when this Twill comes running around the corner, bleeding all over the place and holding a diagram or somethin. I offered to hold the diagram while he died, and he didn't seem to mind! (grunts of laughter from around the table) I got in touch with this guy I know what works at a shop down tha street. He says that he knows someone that might buy the diagram, so I agree to meet em. So I meets him, and he buys the thing right then and there for 100 credits! (more laughter)

Jared stands up and spins around

Jared:"Want to make 50 more credits?"

Califf replies in a guarded voice

Califf: "Sure, who wouldnt?"

Jared: "Tell me where the shop you were talking about is located"

Califf chuckles

Califf:"Sorry friend, but it's not supposed to be common knowledge"

more laughter from around the table. Jared tosses 100 credits on to the table

Jared:"that make any difference?"

Califf takes the credits and quickly describes the shop location. Jared exits the bar and begins to walk up the street toward the described location

"Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me;

The carriage held but just ourselves,

And immortality."

-Emily Dickinson

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