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((Scar: I don't care what knowledge has passed through or hasn't, it doesn't matter. None of your characters really know anything about the Aesir. The only thing that they know is that the Aesir are powerful. Nothing more. The Elder Irvine will not learn anything more about them in PTH either, As I said before this is just a warning.)) Wasn't they on a aesir ship not to long ago ^_~

Kur: "Tell me exactly why me being able to release my binds in this ceill will threaten you in anyway for you to do this to me anyway. Nor will it for me to escape. So lets cut the bull****."

*A small explosion above Kur's head, and his arms get shot downward by the increased gravity in the room... Kur remains standing reguardless of the gravity inside...*

Kur: "I know a good deal of systems. It's part of my training."


Ravan whispering to Farran: "He was strong before, mostly higing it all, its a somewhat of a difficult technique, but once you practice it can be easy as lifting cargo. However right now not only is he not hiding his power it seems like. But I hardly sense it as a means of a strong force power... I'd have to see it for myself... I don't like this..."
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