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*i dunno if they want to play

Raziel heard to kurt: " Tel? a leadeR? come on...i think she must be worried about something"

"ok rookies, this is it, you have clearance to take off"

Raziel to the pilots:" here i go!"

LEaving the hangar, Raziel felt how the space feels, new emotions, new images, he didnt imaginated him flying but the destiny has a lot of ways.

"kurt, you with me? come and taste this, it feels great"

Suddendly the R6D6 unit whisted in a drastic way,
"Wha? what is that!? ... uh..? OH NO! the imperials are right now here!! what should we do? i never passed a lot of time in the training simulator"

two waves of 3 Ties each came straight to the transport fleeing, the sounds of blasters were so loud

"ok, here goes nothing... irookies come over here now"

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