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((OOS: Ummm, Scar, that explosion was designed to take out an advanced Imperial Star Destroyer and the Reavers are as tall as buildings. If the Irvines were where you described them they are both certainly dead

Deac, remember Reletha needs to be alive because of Cantina 7 and the fact that she needs to train Ken'atra

Raschel: Orthos...I'm sorry. But thought he died once before...didn't you? Maybe...

Marin: May? How? Do any of us know how to use anything like those? ...No?

Guy: I've seen relics that looked a little like those...but no, I don't know how they work.

Aidan: *claws his hand* Why don't I just demolish them...

Marin: Wait. Maybe we don't have to. I have alot of morphs acquired...maybe one of them can get around that trap.

Aidan: *disbelieving* And you're perfectly fine with using yourself as a guinea pig?

*Misae reignites the lightsaber in her hand*

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