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((Scar: Yes they were on an Asirian ship, However that was all. They were not allowed access any terminals, and no one told them anything. Even when Irvine sat near a terminal he didn't access it. Even if he did he wouldn't be able to do anything since the Aesir use a different language, The elder Futhark to be exact. And you don't have to copy what I say every time.

Finally, concerning your idea, clean out your PM inbox, and contact me on MSN.))

*Holk, enters a staff meeting on one of the destroyers*

Holk: We have just recieved an alert of Lord Odin, we are upgradeing to Gamma. The Alfhild and the Disen will immediatly head to that area. This coming battle will provide an excellent way to test some of the experimental weapons on board the ships. We will use the new Slipstream drive to get there. If you need anything I will be in my quaters.

*The two destroyers engage the slipstream drive and leave the area. The Frigate cloaks. A short time later supply ships begin moving between the frigate and the outpost.*

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