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Lothas heads down the stairs and into the factory. He passes workers of many spieces and jokes with a few. Finally he reaches what looks to be a storage closet in the back of the warehouse and punches in a code on the key pad. The door hisses open and he walks in. The room is lavishly decorated with art from a thousand worlds and is certainly larger than a supply closet. It is a quite a contrast from the factory just feet away. Lothas walks over the soft, red carpet and sits down at a desk made of the finest wood. He presses the comm button on the desk.

Lothas: S-4P0 cancel all of my appointments for this week, I'm going on a trip.

A silver protocol droid enters the room.

S-4P0: Yes Mr. Akor, may I ask where you plan to travel to?

Lothas thinks for a minute, scrathes his chin and then replies:

Lothas: I'm not sure yet, just have the Benevolent Sky readied.

S-4P0: Yes sir, Mr. Akor.

The droid leaves the room and Lothas reclines in his chair.

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