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Wow, Sarah, how'd you end up in Texas?

There is something you can do.

There is currently the framework of a plan being laid to impeach Bush. Search the web for it. The odds of Bush being thrown out of office (or, hell, even going on trial) while the war goes on is infinitessimal, but if enough people put their support behind the movement we can maybe put him on the defensive.

And all is not hopeless. Last Saturday here in San Francisco a protest march was held which proved to be the largest anti-war rally since Vietnam. And, I'm proud to say, outside of two morons who ran off and broke some windows, the rally completely failed to get violent. We can all recall the Rodney King "protests" and remember that people protesting reprehensible acts can act just as reprehensibly.

Y'all should head on down to LucasFans and check out my own personal anti-war thread. It's proving to be pretty snazzy. Just don't accost our other threads too heavily, we're a little xenophobic.

Cheers 'n' peace.
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