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ZOMG It's Kookee!
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*Kur Smiles.*

Kur: "My orders say not to reveal my orgins, my intentions, my orders other then this one, where I've been trained, nor whom taught me. I'm sure Skywalker could tell you... Although he might be reluctant to tell you, seeing is how secret I've been kept, and my crew... Although I have to admit, facing Lokpehit was unfortunately I was told, was a black op training. What was unfortunate, that Lokpehit didn't know about it..." *grins* "My orders were to challenge him, and lose, miserably. I was ordered to be captured. If deac haven't arrived, I would have few easily broken out of that cell, and killed him. I'm sure evidence of that shows..." *looks at ceiling of cell, and bonds that now lay on the floor...*
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