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Mind if I tagg along?

Adorca- a male Wookie. FORMER Jedi/Sith knight. Frontal assualt type. Weapons: Crossbow, hand-blaster
. Special ability: exelent pilot

G'Orba- Male Hutt. Former drug dealer, current guild commander (unless objected). Hand to hand warrior.. He is covered in black armour with a spike ball at the end of his tail. Weapons (unnatural): Blue-flame-gun-thingy, Crossbow. Special ability: VERY fast and strong, especially for a Hutt.

A speeder bearing the symbol of the guild pulled up in front of the burning building. A Black-silver streaked Wookie Piloting with a Hutt in the rear. "Arha, rawa. Raugh, awwr, arr." (Remember, we are here only to search for the others. too bad we arrived back at the rost late) The Wookie said...
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