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Raziel was flying with a little bit of problems against 2 tie fighters, the shield of his Xwing was getting lower..

"Kurt! cover me!! i need help!! Makon take that tie at 3.45"

a green blasted the Xwing´s last remainds of shields, and the R6 unit started to work at them trying to get them up.

"beepboopp "

"I know R6, we are in trouble, -at general commlink- This is rookie cadet Raziel, i need help, send me reinforcements"

Commlink: "This is Echo space unit, reinforcements unavailable"

"oh great"

A tie fighter flew in front Raziel´s Xwing and blasted, suddendly Raziel felt the fear of dead, and BLAST!!! It was Kurt who shoot the tie.

"Thanx man!! i owe you one."

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