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*Brunhilde enters the majestic archives. Going to the front desk, the attendant who was expecting her simply hands her a book. Brunhilde goes to a table and sits down. The book was new and it's cover was leather. She begins to read*

The Warrior Maidans.

Many books have been written on these maidens. This is my personal account of the orgin of these warriors.
-Lord Odin, Allfather of the Aesir.

*Burnhilde is surprised by who the aurthor is and continues to read*

A long time ago when the Jotuns were not yet fully contained. I hunted down the final two that were outside the containment. These creatures of evil, left a path of destruction in their wake. Any village that crossed their path was destroyed without mercy. They would save the children for last, and finally slaughter them. I was always behind them, but I finally caught up to them.

I was coming up on a village. At the edge of the village, I found bodies of the dead warriors. Their flesh still steaming from the fire jotuns attack. They were in the area, perhaps still in the village. I hurried to the village in the hopes that they were still there, and the village hasn't been destroyed yet. I found two things when entering the village. The first was the Jotuns, the second I didn't expect.

The Jotuns had isolated a group of twleve young girls. The oldest being no more then twelve years of age. I pulled my sword ready to kill the Jotuns and save the children. However, before I could act the eldest child in the group picked up a spear of a fallen beserk and hurled it at the fire jotun. Fate would have it that the Jotun had just removed it's helm. The spear pierced the Jotuns throat. The Other a frost jotun turned to see his fallen comrade. In rage he ready to kill the children, and then I moved. Unsheathing my sword I charged the Jotun. I then faced off at the Jotun. We fought for an hour neither gaining the upper edge. Then once agian the twelve girls surprised me. They distracted the Jotun allowing me to deal the fatal blow and remove his head.

With the Jotuns dead, I removed the other's head. These I preserved and placed at the edge of the containment zone. A warning to all Jotuns who tried to escape. The hands and feet I sent to Surt as another warning.

I brought the twelve, brave, aesirian girls, who in one day lost everything they knew and loved; To my palace in Valhalla and with Frigg raised them as our daughters.

When they reached the age of reckoning, I created a special orginization which they would lead. These twelve women would be my first Warrior Maidens, my Valkyries. Brunhilde, the one who killed the fire Jotun; would lead them. The Valkyries would be my watchers, my recorders, my choosers of the Einherjar.

Now the names of my beloved daughters, my twelve original valkyries. Brunhilde, Göll, Göndul, Gudr, Gunn, Herfjoturr, Hildr, Hladgunnr, Hlokk, Hrist, Sigrdrifa, Sigrún, and Svafa. From their tireless efforts the Valkyries have grown immensly, and have never once disappointed me, or let me down.

*Bruhild could read no longer.*

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