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Flax: Half baked Bantha spew! You're trying to tell me that, you, a barely trained Jedi, was going to kill a Sith Lord? You're also trying to tell me that Skywalker trained Black Ops Jedi, without the council's knowlage? That we even have black ops Jedi? That my Wife, a senior Jedi, and Head of NRI didn't know either? That, I, senior member of the Council didn't know?

How stupid do you think I am? Skywalker is as anserable to the Council as anyone else, he couldn't get away with this. It would land him in jail!

((OSS: Black Ops Jedi? Skywalker and Black OPs? Come on Scarr, as soon as you factered in Skywalker you doomed this guy. If you'd said, "I'm part of a group of Jedi hidden in the Unknown Regions since the purge, we only just discovered that the Empire had fallen." You would easily have gotten away with it. As is you've managed to stamp on the central charicter of the entire Saga! Luke Skywalker HATES BLACK OPS. Sure, he's gone undercover, to find out whats going on, and yes; frequently things have gone belly up and he's had to fight his way out. However, no Jedi has ever been dropped into an Imp base to assasinate the bad guy. The very nature of Black Ops means Jedi don't get involved. The only exception being Kyle Katarn.))

Flax: I will contact the Council, a Jedi will arrive to take you to Correscant, to the Temple, for Interogation.

Tannoy: Attention all personal, we are leaving Hyperspace.


Tannoy: Attention all personal, battle stations, all pilots to you fighters, we are under attack! *Repeat.*

*Flax leaves*


Hal: Hay, Orthos, you coming, my number 5 is sick.

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