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*Both Irvines are put into Bacta tanks, in a secure location on Couresant.*

*A Doctor runs in from a DNA scanning room.*

Medical Doctor: "Geez, these test results on their blood."

2nd Doctor: "What is it."

Medical Doctor: "Both are conclusive, They are like twins but not..."

2nd Doctor: "Wow. Did ya figure out who they are?"

Medical Doctor: "No, not yet. We have the data to find who ever these two are, someone just kept em a secret, maybe for a long time..."

2nd Doctor: "Well, I have found something with the one you say is younger, the one with the White hair, It seems that he once had a quite vatial virus at one time, thats why he has that white hair. But I took a little more research on that, and it seems that only clones had been able to been able to survive that kind of virus..."

Medical Doctor: "Well I did too find some ilregularities caused by cloning, but the age difference between these two. One's hardly older then the other..."

2nd Doctor: "Well somebody wanted twins..."

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