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Raschel: said he was in another universe in fact...did he ever tell you how he got back here?

*Another universe. For some reason that made something click in Raschel's mind, although she couldn't tell what it was*

Marin: Magic, you said...

Guy: Yes. Those ley lines, also...there's something strange about them. They aren't very powerful, but they have a very strong energy output. Usually this would be the reverse because anyone with a magic talent would be able to sense them...

Aidan: ...He's right. Even I can sense them, now that I'm thinking about them...

Marin: Maybe we aren't the only one to ever have come to this dimension from ours. Maybe the person or persons who built this trap had this in mind...

Aidan: *stops* What do you mean?

Marin: That's it. I don't know why I didn't think of it before! It all makes sense.

Aidan: What makes sense? I don't see any sense making here.

Marin: The story of the Time Matrix existing in both our dimensions. The Norns recognizing Guy. The magic here. All of it. We aren't the first...whoever built these traps must have had at least some people from our dimension...

Guy: You think those ley lines were designed to be detected by someone who had magical ability?

Marin: Could be. If I'm right, if we just cut them, the power should go out.

Aidan: How do you cut a ley line?

Guy: You need special tools that I don't have here. Or you could overload them...

*Aidan puts his hands on the wall* Like this? *His hands flash with energy. The wall cracks*

Marin: Careful! You're going to take the place down. Guy, can I have that? *takes the scanner and walks over to Aidan* Focus it here...*to Misae* Why do you have your lightsword on?

Misae: I sense something...

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