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((Battledog, the Jedi aren't based on Coruscant, nor do they use the Coruscant temple. Remember? shouldn't try these explanations if you don't know anything about the characters note that's why I never use Luke...I know very little about him compared to say Battledog

Incidentally, wasn't Kur supposed to be one of the weaker Jedi...?

Btw: about the time skip, I'm going to go with the assumption that our posts referring to different locations may not have been taking place at the same time - some may have been in the future, or the past as needed to make things work))

*Farran's shuttle exits hyperspace outside of Tatooine*

Farran: Kioet should be here any moment, now...


*Starr reaches the core of the Crimson Star II*

Okay...fortunately this was constructed in a similar fashion to the original, if a bit hastier...and smaller...

*Starr looks up. The core is much smaller than the original*

Of course. No space needed for an SSD to dock inside. Still got the antimatter generator, though...

*Starr found the appropriate terminal and began accessing the generator controls.

Meanwhile, Cracken and Alys did the same in opposite sides of the immense core*


*Outside the CSII, the resupply ship exits hyperspace, two unexpected visitors aboard...*

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