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Name : Nithailack Saiun (later to become Darth Zaius)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Homeworld: naboo
Job: former bounty hunter,former jedi padawan, sith apprentice

Appearance: 6`3, slight muscular build, penetraiting blue eyes long black hair, huge scar coming from the tip of his right eyebrow down to his cheek, Dark and gaunted features

Attire: Clad in black or dark clothing (nuff` said)

force abilities: force push, mind trick, force pull, force lightning, force drain, force grip, force speed, force jump

Weapons: light saber (like darth tyranus`s), and a jetpack that comes with twin laser pistols

Bio (very short summary): -was born and abandoned in naboo

- was raised by twileks, untill they found out that nithailack had force powers and was sent to luke skywalkers jedi academy

- started to become arrogant and independant untill he got kicked out of the academy (at age 14) due to a love interest and having a plot to kill his own master

-once kicked out nithailack became a bounty hunter untill he was persuaded by a man to join the darkside (at age 15), and gladly accepted

- killed his previous master with his new master later that year but became scarred from the battle (see appearance)

- currently training in dagobah, endor`s moon (hehehe die ewoks die), and naboo

The Sith Shall Rise Again!
" Life is meaningless, love is overrated,happiness is overrated, and there is only one side to the force and that is the dark side, so join me now or die!"
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