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It's hard to know how much truth is in the many reports that come back from Iraq about weapons of mass destruction being produced or stored. At Brits we are very much in the dark as to what exactly is going on.

If Iraq is as much a threat as it's being reported then I believe we should do what is nessesary to protect the people of Britain and all the other countries caught up in this mess. Already in Britain there have been a few terrotist operations intercepted my special forces and recently there were a number of people arrested for possession of Ricin. - About ricin.

I know that if we go to war (and i think we will end up doing) many inocent people are going to die. Children are going to die.

The thing is, there can be no war against the people who plot to bring this world to its knees without inocents being killled. The solution? No war. but is it just a temporary solution? If these people are as evil as being reported then it seems they will never stop, unless we stop them first.

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