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actually i think i'll follow through with my half assed, less then 5 min fix...

RH Irvine: "Hmm, interesting... Sir'Qui?"

*Sir'Qui nods at RH Irvine, and both tilt their heads down. A slight rumbling sound fulls the air. Then theyriase their heads, and the sound disappears.*

RH Irvine: "Flax has detained him..."

Sir'Qui: "Think's he is a Sith..."

RH Irvine: "Flax is heading for Couresant. Seems for have forgot that the temple was on Yevin IV..." Battledog: "Sir'Qui, get up to em, make sure that they can't find us trailing them, if they go to Yevin IV thinking they could throw us or Kur off, follow em... I'll talk with Kur..."

RH Irvine to Kur: <'Kur...'>

Kur: <'Irvine.'>

RH Irvine: <'I sense you have yourself in a bind...'>

Kur: <'Just about. They ruined my training Op, and decided just for the hell of it to put me in here. I wasn't pissed about the cell and the bindings. Just the op.'>

RH Irvine: <'I see. Hang tight, we're gonna follow you.'>


Ravan still holding his bags, trying to pass time: "So, you know of a good planet that has alot of places, with, um, waterfalls? I like to meditate near them..."
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