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((OSS: The Jedi Academy is on Yavin IV, however, by the time of the NJO Luke had moved to Couresant and was in the process of setting up a Council, if the war hadn't broken out he almost certainly would have had the Temple re-built etc.

Sorry guys, I probably have a greater understanding of the Cannon than anyone else, since I'm a complet book worm.))

*In the Hanger*

*Flax rushes to his fighter, climbs the ladder and swings himself into the cockpit, he puts on his helmet and closes the canopy.*

Air Boss: Squad Leaders, report ready, by numbers.

Flax: Red One, Red Group Green

Dasken: Gold One, Gold Boys Ready

Hal: Blue Leader, Blue Squad Hot!

Air Boss: All Squads..... GO!

*12 Squads of fighter Launch, X-W, A-W, E-W and Y-W*

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!
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