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Ravan sees Irvine: "My Lord! What happened to you..."

DarkIrvine with a grin: "A change... A premonition... A new path..."


Spectar to DarkDeac: "Alright, this portal will take you directly to the hanger in Mos Eilsey." spelling?


*Getting off the transport, a bunch of stormtroopers and engineers follow. they stop and wonder why are there droideka's out...*

Stormtrooper: "Commander, you should see this..."

Commander in robes: "I just got promoted, I'd hate to see... What the?" *turns to the inside of the transport* "You two, we have company." *tilts head down...* "3 Jedi. Somewhere in the core. I'll acompany you to there. The rest fo you, get this station running!"
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