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((Battledog: However according to Cantina 6 and 8, and more particularly Postlude to Holocaust the Jedi are NOT based on Coruscant, rather Yavin IV, which was destroyed. That's how most of the Jedi died. Remember?

In case you haven't noticed this RPG isn't quite canon ))

Farran: "Master", Ravan? This isn't even Irvine. *to "Irvine"* Well well. If it isn't our faux son of Cracken. You are a difficult person to get ahold of. *takes out a holoprojector* I was hoping perhaps you could explain this.

*The holo activates. Kioet's recording of the merging between the two Irvines plays*


*If the "Commander" could have seen under the Vanguard's masks, he would have seen looks of great surprise at his revelation. But they both said nothing to indicate that*

First Vanguard: Of course: Exactly as we were expecting.

Four Jedi, instead of one...this necessitates a change in plans...

*The Vanguards exchange significant looks and then follow the robed man to the lift tubes, preparing their weapons*

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