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this post might show a little godmodish. but i'll ease up one my other characters to compensate...

*The creature watches the holoprojector.*

Creature to Farran: *laughs rather demonically* "You speak of me like I am that soul that once inhabited this body, before it died, and was resurrected for my purpose!"

Ravan: "What the!?"

*The creature hunches over, and a demented look appears on his face. He seems to be in a great pain as a power grows inside him... His hands morph and fingers change to appear to have claw like daggers on them... Boney spikes amerge from his upper backside, and long muscular tail amerges as his other muscles increase to compensate. His boots tear apart as larger beast like feet rip right through. His skin complexity changes into a dull greyish red. The hair changes from the White into a deep blood red. The face turns also more beast like as his clothing rips apart, now showing a new demonic atire.*

*He towers over the people standing there, and simply laughs at them...*

Creature: "What are you going to do now? Your precious Vanguard can't harm me..."

Ravan: "He's producing alot of power, but not force in nature."

*Creature laughs demonically as he slams Ravan up agenst a near-by wall, appearing to have killed him instantly...*

*the creature hears a message from Spectar*

Spectar: <Your brother won't be showing up. how ever, the darkstar will in his place.>

creature: <'I never liked doing things with my brother anyway... how ever I'm not going to be as powerful with out him, you know that?'>

Spectar: <We'll deal with that later...>

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