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*Farran looks surprised, even more so when the creature breaks Ravan's neck*

Farran: Now this I certainly didn't expect.

*Farran opens one of his carrying cases and takes out a sword*

Farran: I thought I might need this.

*Farran's eyes turn blank and glow red. His body transforms as well; his hair grows longer and turns from black to dark brown, and his face and body change shape*

Farran: Perhaps you remember me from the Council...Sejiko Hishen Darkholme. The way I've been hiding my power all these long years. And only the second time I've had to use this in twenty years...

*Farran, now Sejiko, points his sword at the creature that had transformed Irvine's body*

Sejiko: Now I understand. You aren't Irvine at all. You're like a vampire; a demon soul in a human body. Undead. But you certainly aren't a vampire by any estimation...

So. Let's see what you can do.


*Starr, Alys and Cracken sense the approaching presences. Starr looks down at the terminal in front of him*

Excellent. It's online.

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