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I like this mod very much, I look foward to a next release.

I especially like the /amwait emote.

Although I seem to be getting a problem with it reverting to default settings. IE: Full screen, not executing the autoexec.cfg in the base, settings controls to default, and all video settings being set as their factory settings.

It seems to happen after starting it up for the first time.

Even after I deleted the jk2mp.cfg and start a game, the next time I start JK2 via the .bat or command line, it still reverts to the default factory settings.

It seems to be when I play if offline, I have yet to try server-side. I have even tried adding a blank dummy PK3 in the folder to see if that helps. But with or without the PK3, it still isn't fixed.

Any help would be great, thanks.
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