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Creature: "No, I'm just playing with you all..."

*The creature snarls, as his wounds heal rapidly.*

*Darkdeac enters the phsyical Realm...*

Creature: <'About time you got here, I've been waiting...'>

*The creature takes a few steps towards farran. and stops dead...*

Spectar: <You see, It doesnt matter if it was your brother or not, alot of his essence is also in That Darkdeac's body now. not only would he be a far greater fighter, but your strength will increase too... Enjoy...>

*The creature grins... and a shpere of energy flashs around the creature, and the undead body turns into a more powerful Demon body... His body now looked more red then ever...*

Creature: "Now feel my power Blade..."

*The creature zips to Farran, grab's Farran's sword, and hits him square in the chest, sending him, like ravan, flying into the same nearby wall... but this time the creature wasn't pulling his punch. He turns and zips towards Ravan, whom being smaller, dodges a right hook, but his wounds over came, as the creature's forward momentum caused the creatures body to hit him. Ravan passes out... This causes Kioet's power to lower a bit.*

doesn't mean that he wouldnt be useing Deac's power... ^_~


RH Irvine: "Theres somethign out there. its power is growing..."
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