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*Above Mos Eisley, in a cloaked ship; Hirst finishes briefing her two comrades*

Hirst: We must discover their intentions. After that we can decide how to proceed. Ready?

*Her comrades just nod. With a signal from Hirst the pilot flies low over the wreckage of the Cantina and stops hovering between the creature and the blades. Hirst opens a hatch and jumps out. Her comrades follow her. Their robes flap in the wind as they fall. Each hitting the ground in quick succession, Hirst landing first. A cloud of dust is kicked up by their landing. When it clears the three Valkyries are facing the Blades. Hirst is in the center with the other two flanking her, they carry spears.*

Hirst, to the Blade in a commanding voice: What are your intentions here?

*Brunhilde, after getting control of her emotions continues to read the book. The final part once again touches her.

Through the tireless efforst of the Valkyries our archives contain the most complete history of this galaxy then anywhere else. It was on their own accord that we recorded the teachings of the Jedi. If they had not done so, they would have truely been lost in the Purge. Perhaps when the new Jedi are ready we will give them this knowledge.

The Valkyries skill on the battlefield is probably only surpassed by their skill with the arts of stealth. Through the years they perfected this skill. They have developed microscopic devices to aid them in their duties. This has resulted in us being able to stop threats while they are still small. Thanks to them things that the galaxy would have forgotten have not been, at least not by us.

I cannot say this enough to the Valkyries. I am proud of them, they have surpassed all of my expectations, and continually surprise me with their ingenuity.

Brunhilde is filled with pride after reading this.*
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*The Battlegroup drops out of hyperspace. The Space around the base if filled with warships. Reading for the upcoming battle*

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