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Name: Kamor Katarn
Gender: Male
age: 19
species: Human
Homeplanet: nomad
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Skills: Like his grandfather and father and his greatgrand father, he has extrodinary talent and the knack of getting in...and out of trouble. His use of lightsabers and laser weapons is also unbileavable.
appearance: He looks like his grandfather, Kyle, during the Dark Trooper Resistance fight.
Bio: Kamor is the son of Morgum Katarn, son of Kyle, after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. However, he also had keen interest on the battles his father fought before him against the Vong and his grand father and great grandfather fought against the Empire. After the training his his grandfather and master intrudced to him, he became a Jedi at the age of 18 and his father taught him to 'be true o the Light.'

...and friend?

Name: I5-YQ
gender: none
age: at least 70
Species: Protocol droid
Homeplanet: Coruscant
Occupation: body guard 'buisness partner'
appearance (I'm giving him one do to lack of explonation from my sources): black sknned protocol droid. Armed with index finger blasters, supersonic scream, electrical shock, wrist rocket, self-destruct, hand-flame thrower, power beam.
Bio: I5's life began on Coruscant. A rich family owned him and the parents left often, leaving I5 with the kids who were spoiled. They'd do things like throw him off the roof to see how high he'd bounce. He later ended up in a dump heap. A man named Lorn Pavan bought him. He'd left his job in the Jedi temple because his son had a high medi-corin count and the temple convinced him to give him to them. Loren reassembled him, and I5 spoke. " I am I5-YQ, programed for protocol...are you going to hurt me?" They became buesness partners. Then, a few years later, Lore was killed by the notorious Sith, Darth Maul. An associatie took I5, wiped his memory and made him a body guard. The rest of his past is shrouded...until Kamor was enjoying Coruscant until he noticed a wire, poking out of a gutter, he scared off the rats and got all the droids pieces and then, I5 told him if he could liberate his memory, it would serve the Jedi. It took Kamor 3 years to reprogram I5 and find new parts for him but when he finished, I5 asked the same queation "Are yu going to hurt me?" Kamor took him in, and his knowledge helped expand the Jedi Order's archieves instead of stop the Naboo blockade and the coming of the Sith. For more details, read "Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter"

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