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ZOMG It's Kookee!
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oaky, maybe it did, but soon after ti would regenerate. I know it sounds godly. but surly you'd shoudl see that he's not 100% invalunerable...

Creature: "Urgh..." *Hand vaporises by touching sword...*

feel better?


Sir'Qui: "They are jumping into hyperspace..."

RH Irvine: "Can you follow?"

SIr'Qui: "Sure. this shoudl be able to keep up..."

RH Irvine: "Alright. before your do..."

*RH Irvine press a message "send" button. and a capsule is released... then the shuttle blasts off behind Flax's battleship*

*a few minutes later the capsule get picked up. It gets sent to the Battleships command centre*

Man in robes: *bows* "A message from commander Sur'Vin..."

*another Man completely cloaked, sits in the center. he takes the message and reads:

I had went to the creature on couresant, and I have recorded the data you requested... I was soon found by former Master, He told me of a clone of myself, that was created before my teaching was taken place. I investigated. and true enough it was. And surprising that his power had seemed to have been that disturbence that was created on Tatooniee nearly a week ago.
I have heard of my fellow graduate and companion of his mission. and it came to some unfortunate circumstances. I was going to preform a retreval, however an assasin had struck my clone, I'm afraid mortally. He's skills would have been useful to our faction. Then not too soon after it seems of a new threat has risen, maybe even bigger then my father Cracken Palpatine. A Vangaurd, not exactly from what info was leaked from the Imperials, had taken the dieing clone of myself. But I doubt it would have been useful to them. seeing is i sensed his life extingish en route.
That new threat, how ever I'm not sure if it is with them or not. after my clone had died, Something powerful had emerged. I hope that it doesn't effect our plans too much, how ever I believe what threat this creature of some sort has to be delt with.
I and following commander Flax's ship in a hurry that I can manage to get Kur out of that ship before he is interrogated...

Cloaked man: "Set a course for Tatoonie, best speed..."

*The battleship jumps right into hyperspace.*
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