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((Scar: if you think what your doing might be god modding then don't do it. Also about the regeneration, it depends upon how fast it occurs. If your creature regenerates his hand in an instant then it may be a little two powerful))

*Svafa enters Odin's office*

Odin: I'm putting you in charge of the Disen for the coming fight. Holk will be in charge of the Alfhild. I'm sure you know all about those ships so I don't have to tell you.

Svafa: I look forward to commanding such a powerful ship. Thank you for the opportunity.

Odin: You welcome.

Svafa: If you have nothing else for me, I will transfer over to my new command.

Odin: Your free to go. Oh Svafa, I don't say this enough, but I'm very proud of you.

Svafa: Thanks, dad.

Odin: Send in Vingthor as you leave please.

Svafa: Yes.

*Svafa leaves the room, a moment later Vingthor enters the room and sits across from Odin. Odin is finishing a message and shortly sends to Beowulf. THen he and Vingthor dicuss battleplans. A little while later the Aesirian fleet is in motion. Two hundred capital ships enter hyperspace heading towards the battle area.*

*Beowulf recieves the message from Odin, authorizing him to attack the CSII if he sees fit. Beowulf similes, finally he gets to do something*

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