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((Not vaporized, just cut off. [Incidentally Rwos can regenerate limbs as well, but he can still be killed obviously, by wounding him too badly or removing his head.]

Also, the power-leeching technology that the Vanguards use is something Farran got from his home dimension (Rwos' dimension). It wasn't originally Force-based. Farran and Artemis changed it to make it so. When Kioet demonstrated his unusual capabilities, Farran and Atremis changed the technology again to work with a wider range of energy.. It is because of this that Kioet is able to draw off the creature's power))

*The creature's hand goes flying*

Sejiko: *while dodging in a circle around the creature* Foolish creature - if you're going to try to grab me, why not reach for me instead of my weapon?

*Farran/Sejiko senses the Blades getting closer* I have to get out of he--- Oomph! *the distraction allows the creature to hit him, sending him flying into a wall*


*The three Bladesmen stop. They do not answer for a moment. Then the middle figure speaks, voice filtered through the mask*

Blade: Our business here does not concern you.

*The Blades resume their walk. Kioet comes running up, blade extended. The closest Blade extends his own sword, deflecting the weapon. Moving far too fast for his size, he kicks Kioet in the chest, knocking him away. He looks to see where he landed, then continues*


*The two Vanguard and the commander emerge from the lift tubes, in a passageway leading to the core. One of the Vanguards grabs the commander's shoulder and stops him*

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