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- 'Wonderful' - Horn mourned
- 'What happens Master?' - Mazar asked
- 'I have just realised that with the Golden Eagle here we cannot go down the planet unnoticed... wait let's try something' - Horn switched on the com unit - 'Kamor, put your ship under ours and be ready for a tractor beam attach'

- 'Ah i see, i hope it works...' - Mazar sounded doubtfully.

The Golden Eagle moved into position and Horn activated the Tractor beam. Now the two ship were attached as one. Valin Horn switched off all systems.

- 'Mazar use that power to move the ship as you will with a shadow bomb while i cloak us with the Jedi techniques Master Luke taught us. Everyone else help us, we are going to need all your strenght.' - Horn ordered

All the Jedi put concentrated faces. The ships slowly started to fade and move. From inseide the c ockpit, the Planet Ord Mantell was becaming bigger every minute. In half an Hour they were crossing the atmosphere.

- 'There looks a nice place to land' -Mazar said
- 'Ok guys, there we go, Mazar better you land neatly, this pile of junk is our only hope to leave the planet' - Valin said

- 'I'll try my best..' - Mazar answered
- 'NO! Do or do not, there...' Everyone shouted
- 'I know i know... I'll do it' - Mazar joked

The two ships separated and landed with a small thump.

Everyone looked exhausted. Horn was the first to speak. - ' OK lest get those speederbikes and let's go to the the City of Ord Servill'

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