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*Kioet, frustrated...deactivates the self destruct, gets into his ship, and closes entrance/exit ramp, and lifts off, activates the turrets, which fire upon everybody, and pilots his ship away from the battle*

*Kioet takes takes his blade, and throws it hard towards the back of the ship, slight movement is seen*

Kioet : You're lucky you stayed in my ship, Nimalf. Those idiots out there are all going to get themselves killed, and I'm not going to be around to see it. Good riddance. This suit wasn't everything I hoped it would be. I was planning to test this armor out by crashing into that creature. oh, what...the...hell!!!

*Kioet turns the ship around and flies full speed towards them, and performs a strafing run, a few of the blades take laser blasts to the chest, and the creature appears to be hit by a torpedo*

Kioet: Alright, now that I've had my fun, a few of them are pretty wounded, or well that's what it looks's time to go crash somebody's party at the cantina!

*Kioet docks in one of the empty landing bays, exits the hangar, on a swoop, and speeds off towards the cantina*

*Kioet arrives at the cantina, and jetpacks off the swoop and lets it crash into a crowd of medical droids, attending burned victims, then Kioet takes notice that the cantina is on fire*

Kioet: damn...i gotta stop doing that!!! oh well, at least there's a swoop shop around here!

*Kioet walks into the used swoop shop*

Kioet examines some swoops, and finally finds one that he likes, it's not really a swoop, but more of a speeder, black and shiny, also heavily modified, and notices a Rodian dealer, eying him suspiciously*

Kioet: How much for this one?

Rodian Dealer: 50,000 credits, no less.

Kioet: Excuse me?

Dealer: That's right, 50,000 credits, this is almost an exact replica of one spotted near mos espa almost 7 decades ago, the original is rumored to have once belonged to a Sith lord.

Kioet: Most interesting...I'll give you 60,000 credits for it.

*Kioet hands the Rodian a sack-full of credits*

Rodian: oh my! thank you!

Kioet: no problem.

*Kioet hops onto his newly aquired speeder, and speeds back towards his landing craft*

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