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((Kioet's severe case of ADD is most amusing

Scar: Your character's actions are at the very limits of godmode, considering you didn't let me post Farran's reaction to getting blood sucked from his neck but I was assuming he was unconscious anyway))

Farran's head swims. He opens his eyes and struggles to his feet, using his sword for support.

He noticed two things immediately. The things he noticed made him drop his sword in a hurry.

Thirty feet away, three tall Blades stood observing the scene. A strangely dressed woman with a spear stood in front of them, occupying the attention of one. The other two were obviously scanning the area, slowly turning their heads, almost giving an appearance of nonchalance, an impression spoiled by the gaudy regalia and armor they wore that identified their order.

Blades. The Executioners.

There was no doubt in Farran's mind that they had come for him. They, however, weren't noticing him, which brought his attention to the second thing.

He was Farran Darkholme again, the Sejiko form a side effect of the creature stunning him, he supposed. He was now all too vulnerable to the violence around him...but as long as he was Farran, the Executioners couldn't sense him.

He wondered where Kioet had run off to. He hoped the suit hadn't hurt him mentally. It was very important, now, that Kioet reach the power levels he was capable of. Because when he did so, Farran wouldn't need to be Sejiko. He'd have a warrior that surpassed anything his old self was capable of accomplishing and more.

And the Blades would never find him again.

Now if only he could only avoid the Executioners here, and keep from being killed by whatever had transformed the body of Irvine Cracken.

He felt his neck, which had an unusual pain in it. His fingers touched bite marks. He suddenly realized why he felt so dizzy - blood loss.

At least it seems to have found tastier prey.


*The central figure answers Hirst again, without stopping* We are not here to carry out business.

*The Blades continue for a moment, then stop abruptly coming into view of the battle scene, before reaching Hirst. The central figure looks at her again, as if contemplating her, the other two visually scanning the area as if looking for something*

Blade: You recognize us. Identify yourself and who you represent.

*At that moment, Kioet's shuttle makes its strafing run. The group scatters, the Blade speaking to Hirst hit in the chest armor and knocked backwards across the sand. He lies stunned for a moment, then gets to his feet again. His armor plate is smoking but unharmed*

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