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assuming that the small group is on their way towards the manson...

Vertmor: "We shouldn't be too far away from it now... the main gates are just ahead..."

*A vampire jumps infront of the group, and hisses*

Vampire: "What are you doing with such creatures brother..."

Vertmor: "Brother, Varador asked for these. Why else would he order most of broods out of the manson this evening?"

Vampire: "Spare me your explainations, I..."

Vertmor: "Sniveling little whelp! You never thought of any one but yourself, all you want is an easy meal. I shouldn't of requested my own flesh and blood to become like myself..."

Vampire: "You always use that excuse."

Vertmor: "Sertmor, You'll never learn..."


Name: Vertmor
Age: ???
Sex: Male
Bio: A well evolved vampire, whom stand high in the ranks of Vorador's small empire. When he was orignaly turned, he requested that his younger brother would be as well, seeing is that his younger brother would be left alone for their parents where long sense dead.

Name: Sertmor
Age: A few less then Vertmor (like that mean much ^_^ )
Sex: Male
Bio: Always the resenting little brother, is just about as strong and fast as his older brother. He isn't as high in the ranks of the small empire, but is just as respected. The two brothers have an unusual tie between them, enabling them to become stronger and powerful in the general presence of one and other.

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