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*Heimdall smiles as he watches Orthos hit the cieling. He walks towards the door, Entering the threshold he places his hands on the doorframe. He lifts himself up with his legs entering the new room. Letting go of the doorframe he lands on the cieling feet first. He then walks over to where the crystal landed and picked it up.*

Heimdall: I still think there is something more to this room.

*He looks around the room, and gets his first good look. On the walls were spikes spaced a good deal apart. On impulse Heimdall throws the crystal shard at one of the spikes. Instead of hitting the cieling the shard slams into the wall, near the spike with enough force to shatter it.*

Heimdall: Figures, if your not careful you can find your self impalled by one of the spikes. Someone really had fun with the gravity in this room. I wonder how many other areas have gravity being in different dirrections.

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