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((OOS: Admiral, how do the Valkyries suspect Farran?

Incidentally the sword can cut through pretty much anything with enough force; but as Farran has no unusual sword fighting skills I'll ignore that- not like he could actually attack.))

Farran: *in a low voice* So you must be the spies who left me those messages in my office. You want my death? Go ahead. See if you can convince them you're telling the truth.

*Farran smiles, even as he weakens further from loss of blood*


Blade: Guardians? This dimension has no guardians.

*The Aeges appear*

Aege: WE are the guardians of the planes. There is a lot of tampering going on here, and we've been sent to fix up the dimensional holes those evil clones have been making...

Blade: *pauses for a moment, sensing the Aeges' power, then bows* Forgive us, we were not made aware of your presence. We are here to retrieve a rogue element that has come to this dimension from ours.

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