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As the Zabrak opens his mouth to speak a blue bolt strikes him in the chest, causing him to crumble to the ground. Jared spins around to see where the shot came from only to be mauled by the Trandoshans fist.

Trandoshan: Mr. Akor doesn't like theives... *he looks at the Zabrak who is already getting up, alomst unaffected by the stun blast* especially ones inside the organization.

Lothas pushes throught the security team and into the room and then stands next to the Trandoshan, blaster pistol drawn.

Lothas: Well ,well what do we have hear... Hakr take Kethl here to a holding cell, and make sure he's real comfortable.

Hakr (the Trandoshan) puts binders on the Zabrak and takes him out of the room, most of the security team follows leaving only one female human in the room.

Lothas: Now where have I seen you before... ah yes at the Hungry Hobo... you have a bit of explaining to do I think.

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