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I truly fail to see the point behind this war. I don't see how such lengths could be reached in order to obtain a drop of oil. Perhaps there is a population boom coming, and Bush justs wants to thin out their numbers? Perhaps Television networks are tired of featuring special 'Vietnam' or 'World War 2' episodes, and we need something else to occupy the minds of the voters? Or maybe the Gods are playing 'Risk'. Either way, we have to face up the inevitable, which is not exactly inevitable, nor is it comprehendable thanks to Turner & Friends and their love of half-truths.

So Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. Doesn't every country? The US has 14000, Russia has 28000, China, the UK and France have 400 each, India has 100, and Pakistan, North Korea and Iran are definetely holding a few. If America really needed shot of Saddam, then why not just carpet bomb the whole of Iraq behind our backs, because I fail to see how Bush is going to get re-elected anyway. Perhaps his PR people, Spin Doctors and other assorted lackeys think that he could add another four years to his belt by surviving an impeachment, or maybe George is using the old "Look over there!" trick, to divert your attention while he snatches some candy from a nearby infant.

To be honest, I don't feel strongly either way. It seems almost normal that there is a "greater possibility of war" and "trouble ahead", and from what the media spit at us, I don't know which side to take or which facts to believe. However, I would gladly revolt against the corrupt government (Pick a country) and the corporations that turned our culture into little trinkets that we have emptied our pockets for.

What America needs is some good old dictatorship, but not the nasty kind. The kind that tells these companies to "Shut Up" and "Stop doing that".

If Bush is such a noble leader, then he should be leading the troops into Baghdad.
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