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ZOMG It's Kookee!
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*The creature stands. He takes a few steps over to Darkdeac.*

Creature: "You there, finish up, I sense those who might defeat us before we know the full potental, and our weaknesses of our bodies... We must leave..."


*While en route to tatoonie, the battleship, slows a bit.*

Man in robes: "Engage the Photonic Wave shielding..."

A unhooded man at a control: "Going online..."

*Man In robes stands, and unreveals his face. It is RH Irvine's master. He signals a ship-wide comm.*

Master Chi: "I shall now don the name of this Unnamed Battleship the "Bartelby & Loki". We have currently engaged a new type of shielding that not only blocks weapon fire, but also any electrical and megetical energy, except for communications, from entering and leaving the shields, Not only that It blocks any biological energies as well, including any Force enabled energies. This shielding will keep this ship safe agenst enemy sensors and automatic target locking systems."

*Chi starts to walk towards the front of the bridge.*

Chi: "There is affermitive information that one of the newest recruits of the new training regiment is being held captive by a New Republican Vessel. Let I remind you that if he were to break out it would unraveal everything that our faction had plan for nearly sense the beginning of the Empire when it was lead by Palpatine... We must make it apparent enough to have that ship hand our operative back to us, with minimal political awareness of our intentions."

*The comms shut off and the ship speeds on.*

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