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Well, I spent today working on making a good 1st person view for the saber.

I got it currently set up so the player's view is hooked directly to eyes of the player model. This means you get to see everything the character would see including your feet, arms, all the animations where the saber passes thru your leg, etc.

It's working pretty good so far but I need to write a function to make it so you'll have some freedom of movement with your virtual eyeballs. And before you all write in and ask, your eye wouldn't move to look where you're looking. That would require a lot of coding and most models wouldn't support it anyway. I might do it later when I have a better understanding of the Ghoul2 commands.

A special skin will be required for this feature to work with other models. I'll probably set it up to use the kyle's model (for the 1st person view) if a custom skin isn't set up for the current model. Also, due to the way the fx effects are handled in the game, you'll not be able to see yourself in mirrors while in the new first person view.

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