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I'd use DivX though, as XviD isn't as popular, and Windows Media Player doesn't like it (Mine doesn't anyway).

Jannar, I've got a good 50mb of decent, pretty fast space that I don't use with my ISP (It is actually pretty fast). I'd be happy to upload your movie for you - You used to be on my MSN contatcts, but I had to change accounts - It's - add me or mail me.

I don't understand though - LucasArts now want FanGames, which essentially means Lucas-related game made by fans, uploaded? The same Lucas Arts with the "cease" and "desist" attitude that we all love so much? Because as I understand it, games like Pleughburgh and Rob Lowe are "Amateur Games", and not "Fan Games". I need a shrugging emoticon to go here.
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