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TBS is playing The Patriot this sunday.
I think the UN should impose the ancient
codes of warfare again.
A nation state can only go to war
against another nation state
'IF' the leaders of that state
go to war on the front lines themselves
like Alexander the Great etc...
and they also must have 2 or more
sons or daughters fighting along side them
on the front lines.
that way as Quark from DS9 says:
If the cost of War is too expensive
it just should not be fought.
also the 'art of war'
says what is good for the troops
is good for the general.
same conditions,
same rations,
same Latrines.
so if G W Bush wants to go to War
then he and missus Bush
better make some babies,
which gives Sadam and the weapon inspectors
all the time they need to clean up
their act.

also war in the middle east is going to give Norht Korea an opportunity to do
what so ever they like,
maybe even start a war themselves.

war is always about the pretty polly.
follow the gold and you follow the story.

G8 nations should start energy effective
non oil and gas solutions
ie solar wind fusion
anything and leave the oil alone.
it was the downfall and extiction
of the dinosaurs.
'hey there mighty brontosaurus,
you ruled the earth
and came before us
and now we're walking in your foot steps.'

Police paraphrased.

another thing is
if the west is indeed the devil
and we are all just infidels
we should simply do what the middle east
wants. leave them alone.
do not poison or influence their
lives, women and children,
just leave them alone.
so no contact or aid
or commerce or anything.
we go our way and they go there's
and no more immigration from those
places ie: anywhere predominatly Islamic.
it is not the average persons on the streets problem; but they get assistance and they rally, burn flags throw stones and say
get out of our country.
so we should.
if their leaders are going to be corrupt
and torture and attack them.
if their oil rich shieks are going
to take all and give none, well that is
their lot in life. they need to do
something about it themselves.
france had a revolution so did the usa.
we helped the shaw of Iran and now Iran is against the west.
we helped the Kuwaities (begrudgingly)
and now they hate the west too.
and Turkey is a UN country
but they the people want the US devil
folk out and dead. and so does Pakistan
and noe African Islamic countries
and the Philipines etc.

one last point.
historically things seem trivial
it is just time and distance
making them seem unreal.
but Christianity
waged 11 or so Crusades
to free Jeruselem,
and I do not think the people living there
at the time thoguth they needed liberating.
plus there was one crusade called something
which had women children old men and ducks
and farm animals marching to free the Holy
Land. now if that is not Fanatical?
I do not know what is.
Judeaism was at it peak during the rise of Rome. the whole Missaih thing was they
wanted god to send them their saviour
who would defeat the romans and lead
the jewish people to freedom. that is one of the reasons a main reason why they did not
accept Christ as their saviour, he was not on their side.
so Christianity and Judeaism have both had their moment of political and radical
accendance. and now millenia later
they are kind and laid back more or less
and the most radical christian
action you are forced to endure
from christianity is having a born again christian come to your door, or be approached on the bus or subway by someone asking you if you know who jessu christ was?
and on the jewish note, well not being jewsih
I do not know but they must have an equivilant situation. mainly jewish comics
do their public exorcisisms for them.
and they can be quite entertaining.

it is difficult dealing with todays world Islam is in its Zenith and wnating and need ing to expand. growing pains and adolescence
is a tough time to f\go through,
espescially when the teenager is the size of an entire nation.

(also) and this is the last thing.
any time there is or has been
a terrorist attack
a group claiming responsibility.
911 had no such occurance.
I am not a conspiracy nut case
but you have to think.
who did it?
you bombed out caves in nowhere land.
kind of like kicking 'Rainbow Rock'
in Alice Springs.
what was the point?
and did it make you feel better?
no so now because your daddy
had a beef with the next door neighbour
you have to too.

I wanted Sadam dead and out of office
for setting fire to the oil fields and
causing a massive enviromental condition
which affects the entire world.
that is what the UN should work
and worry about the intentional
and mailcious act of affecting
the entire global community.
yet they put out the fires
and nothing was done.

that in my opinion
is something worth
fighting and dying for.

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