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* Jedi? what Jedi? *

'Ok, let's see how much time we have...uh-oh, Mazar, What time is it?- Valin asked with a puzzled face

'1300'- Mazar answered

'Phew, i'm relieved now, my stupid clock stopped. Well we will not met our contact in one our i thoug we were late but it seems we are not' - Horn said Joking . and failing miserably. No one laughed and Rey stared at him.

'Ok, ok let's find a Cantina i'll buy you all a round and explain the mission a little bit more...- Horn invited

'Well i think i can use some fun, but let's find a decent place i d not like dark places with creepy patrons and music' - Mazar said.

'ok let me see my datapad... here it is called the 'Dagobah's hut' seems nice isn't it? it has four lightsabers.. that's something...' Well. let's go'- Valin said

The restaurant was near, they did not had to take a cab. The streets were full of people and anyone noticed the casual clothed men walking for it. (we have casual clothes ok?)They arrived in few minutes.

'Well at least inside it doesn't stink that bad- Mazar noted.

'Let's take a sit and order a light meal'- Valin said

The got one in far from the center of the room, but they had a wide angle to look.

'Well as you know we are in Ord Mantell, in the city of Ord Servill and waiting for a contact. We are looking for two missing Jedi. They are Silvi Amed and Wil Joon (i'll post bios of them later). They were in this planet. looking for the same - other missing jedi, when they stopped to report. They were working with a new republic spy team, the 'Trickies', wich also lost some members. Our contact is one of them, i never met him, but i have this holo of him'.- Valin showed the others the recording, a tall dark haired man that looked like a panther in his movements, the quality of stealth. We are here to gather information, find our frineds and if we can stop these murderings. Any questions?' Horn asked.

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