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ZOMG It's Kookee!
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*Ravan coughs, and a bit of blood drips from his mouth...*

Ravan: "Farran..."


Creature: "Hmph."

*The creature falls over and turns into dust. he then reappears in the spectural realm of tatoonie, in a more human form...*

Creature: "I'll just use this realm to wait him out, til he finaly comes to his senses and get here..."


*The Bartelby & Loki, catch up to the shuttle, The shields drop, and the shuttle gets docked. The shields come up just after...*

RH Irvine: "This is a surprise...


Commander in Robes: "You Vangaurd never surprise me. You and the rest of ya aren't prepared for what the rest of my people have in store for you!"

*He force speeds out of the room towards Cracken, He gets cut off by one of the Vangaurd, but the commander quickly out manuvers him, as he gets in front of an already lightsaber ignited Cracken...*

Commander: "I have some information for you, It has to do with these people that are coming in. And also, your son..."
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